At USPL, everything revolves around energy. This involves more than just solar energy; in fact, more than anything, we focus on the energy of our employees who are always working to help advance our company. Therefore, we are always looking for employees who want to use their energy to effect change, both in the company and the world. Our team focuses entirely on bringing clean, affordable and reliable energy to one and all.

Want to make a difference?

Are you a Professional?

Been working in the Industry already? Have years of experience behind you? Or have just graduated with a specialisation in renewable energy or related industry?

Have you just completed your vocational training? Or perhaps you have been working in your profession for many years already?

Would you also like to continue developing your personal and professional skills?

At USPL, new professional challenges are awaiting you in an industry of the future — regardless of which stage of your career you are currently in. Whether you are a specialist or a generalist, a doer or a thinker, or even a strategist. Whether in an industrial or commercial field. Take advantage of the opportunity for a bright career.

Jobs at USPL for Professionals

Are you a Student

Just completed your education and want to work in the Solar Industry?
Start your career by interning with us and growing with some of the best minds in the industry. Theory only provides a good foundation. But an internship adds practical experience to the theoretical knowledge. Interning at USPL provides on-the-job training because every intern works on specific projects and has tasks they are responsible for.

This allows you to demonstrate your creativity, inventiveness and dedication.

Do- Don’t just follow!

USPL offers internships in various areas, including Development, Project Management, Technical Purchasing, Finance, Production and Human Resources. They usually last between three and six months.

As a result, you get an insight into the department’s functions and learn from practical experience. While interning at USPL, you work independently on assignments that match your skill-set and level of knowledge.

You perform important tasks as part of a strong team to successfully complete projects.

What we offer

  • Networking
  • Fair remuneration
  • Insights into day-to-day work at USPL
  • Project-related work in dynamic teams
  • Complete support from experienced mentors

Intern at USPL

Work Environment

At USPL, you aren’t just doing a job. It’s a career, a way of life and above all, a chance do bring about a change in the world. In life we get only a few opportunities to be a part of something great.

Joining USPL is one of those opportunities. We are at the start line of the clean energy boom and we intend to run this marathon for decades to go.

USPL was started by a father-son duo striving to deliver clean, more affordable energy. Founded in 2016, USPL has grown exponentially—

and we’re just getting started!

We believe in clean, renewable energy. It's as simple as that. We could go on and on about climate change, pollution, oil prices, and politics but rather than getting stuck in a complicated debate we are choosing to take action by putting up solar panels to harness the energy from the sun in order power homes and commercial buildings all across the country.

Do not pass up on the opportunity to work for a company who is on the forefront of innovation, takes care of its employees, and saves the planet all at the same time.

We love hard work as much as we love smart work. We make sure that when you make that extra effort, we go with you.

We ensure a great pay scale with benefits and stock options as well as an incentive program which rewards the ambitious and go-getters.

  • Paid training.
  • Employee referral program
  • Attractive vacation, sick and holiday pay
  • Eligibility to receive equity in the company
  • Competitive compensation with incentives.
  • Full benefits package including Insurance and PF.
  • Career path selection opportunities for top performers

We believe in working hard and playing just as hard. USPL continuously motivates employees to perform their best. When you perform we reward.

We take out top performers to professional sports games, 5 star resorts, and all expense paid getaways. To us, having fun is as important as getting the work done, if not more.